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8x6x4 Multi-Depth Shipping Boxes 25 pack


Regular price $29.69

  • Length x Width x Height of inside
  • Multi-Depth (Height)
  • 32 ECT, Gross limit 65 lbs
  • Boxes ship wrapped in plastic
  • Boxes ship flat, not assembled
  • Sizes may or may not be marked on the box
  • Sides are creased at different intervals. Cut to the creased height needed, fold down and you have a custom sized box height.

    Boxes can have a manufacture size variance +/- 1/4” on each side.

    When assembled, these boxes measure Length x Width x Height. The Length is the horizontal distance on the longest side. Width is the horizontal distance on the shortest side. Height is the vertical distance from top to bottom when assembled.

    These boxes have an ECT rating. For example, 32 ECT can withstand 32 pounds of pressure per inch width stacked on the edge of the corrugated board.