Bubble Cushioning Wrap, Small Medium Large, All Sizes, Perforated 12"


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  • Bubble Thickness - Choose small, medium, large
  • Width - 12 or 24 inches
  • Length - Measured in feet
  • Perforated every 12" inches
  • Ships in a bag

  • Bubble cushioning wrap is the perfect item for protecting your items for shipping and moving. All lengths of bubble sheets are perforated every 12 inches for easy tearing. Perfect for wrapping small items when shipping or moving.

    All orders may ship in multiple or single roll depending on supply.

    Bubbles are measured from the top down (thickness), not across. Small size is 3/16" thickness bubbles. Medium size is 5/16" thickness bubbles. Large size is 1/2" thickness bubbles. The bubbles diameter can vary.